Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Poor Are Under Attack? What Do We Do? Stand Up, Fight Catholics!

"The slave frees himself when, of all the relations of private property, he abolishes only the relation of slavery and thereby becomes a proletarian; the proletarian can free himself only by abolishing private property in general." - Karl Marx 1872

Fight what?  Catholics who won't let you steal?
Two nights ago, the Occupy San Francisco crowd took over a property owned by the Archdiocese of San Francisco aptly located at 888 Turk Street.

 The two story building was filled with a few dozen Occupiers who took to the windows and the roof top of the property to unfurl banners displaying among other things, a desecrated cross with the symbol of anarchy.

Occupiers spray painted walls with slogans, painted windows with them and during the course of the day and a half it took for the San Francisco PD to get in touch with the Archdiocese who ordered them to remove them even tore down some inside walls.

"In another sign of the Occupy movement's diversifying tactics and growing spring momentum, yesterday Occupy San Francisco liberated a vacant building owned by the Archdiocese of San Francisco and announced plans to establish a permanent occupation -- including a social center, shelter, and food bank -- on the site."
- OccupyWallSt.org

Even though "trespasses" refers to moral infractions, it's a nice try ...
The language that Occupy uses in this particular instance is very very telling it also exposes their Communist philosophy of property ownership.  You see, in a Communist utopia-state property ownership is not only frowned upon it's illegal.
What a house under "Occupy Management" looks like...

So as you can see, Occupy Wall Street is just acting out yet another Communist fantasy in real life.  The end of private property, the sacking of it from large rich organizations or people such as the Catholic Church.  Once removed from the property yesterday and confronted with the reality of their decision to sack property from a Church Occupiers changed their tone a lot.

I agree, if the Catholic Church DOES have a property suitable for using as a homeless shelter and isn't maybe they should plan to do that.  However, that's not at issue here - what's at issue is that regardless of context, morality or law - Occupy San Francisco believes it has the right to take from a Church and give to themselves.  Still more troubling is the fact that Occupy San Francisco feels entitled to take the property from the Church at all.

 In closing let them speak for themselves...

"@PunkBoyInSF: "They [The Church] haven't even been paying taxes on this building anyway.  It's sat vacant for five years, God forbid somebody wants to come and fucking occupy it and use it to help people."

"@PunkBoyInSF: "The problem with the state is we need less bullshit to help people, we don't need bullshit like health departments, building codes or fire codes to feed and shelter people.  You people are pigs"

"Maybe we should ask the IRS to investigate the Catholic church they've been cheating the state of taxes for five years maybe we should put them in jail or take their property from them as a result" - Occupier on LiveStream

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