Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Some protesters are more equal, but aren't they always?

It's truer than you think...

George Orwell penned these words above in 1945 for his "Animal Farm" which depicts animals revolting against the shackles of their owners.  The ensuing dictatorship, thought-reform and barbarism dealt to the other animals by the ruling class of animal "The Pigs".  What was Orwell trying to say with this simple 136 pg novel on animals, Communism, the fall of intellectualism, thought-reform, and Joseph Stalin and how does it apply to Occupy Wall Street?

You see, Orwell, regardless of whether you agree with his political opinions or not, was not a proponent of the cold authoritarian style dictatorship of Joseph Stalin.  Orwell recognized traits in the formation of Stalin's rule and in the maintenance and upkeep of it.  Orwell saw that in order for Stalin to succeed and to continue to succeed he needed a various set of propaganda tools.

  • Dependence on the state for every aspect of life.
  • Singing, dancing and other silly assorted physical and non-thought provoking activities.
  • Violent and public removal of traitors, enemies of state and intellectuals.
  • Constant reenforcement that the goal of the state/group is to better everything through posters, songs, chants, songs and other imagery.
  • The Whole of the group/movement/state is more important than the individual, if your rights are violated to benefit thousands of people then that's perfectly ok because your sacrifice is noble and helps the group.  In Occupy and in Stalinist Russia, the individual is meaningless.
  • Marching, Marching, Marching.
  • Repetition of principles, values, laws and motives for the state and whatever it's doing.  Constant repetition of prohibits a person from thinking critically about what's being said instead their attention is paid to repetition.
So how does this all apply to Occupy Wall Street?

  • There were multiple rapes at the hands of Occupiers or people who preyed on them.   Instead of contacting law enforcement, in some cases, Occupiers were allegedly told their reports could damage the movement.  Women who are sexually abused are victimized mentally and physically then a second time mentally with the knowledge their pain will damage the collective (the needs of the many outweigh of the needs of the few).
  • Occupy Wall Street sought to bring together the impoverished, the hungry, the disillusioned and the jobless into one place.  Once gathered they relied on the group for food, shelter and security.  This creates a cult thinking because as Orwell noticed, depending on the state or "Movement" causes your judgement to skew.
  • Occupy Wall Street defines itself through its arrogant self-guaranteed title of "Representing the 99% of Americans who are out of work".  So, #OWS represents 99% of 320,000,000 Americans?
  • Occupy is miraculously self-entitled, on March 5th, 2012 a handful of them invaded the Capitol Building of the state of California solemnly proclaiming "We are the 99% and we need free or accessible education!"  Again a fanatical claim made by a small amount of people related to a much larger, more complex issue.

     Occupy Wall Street is no stranger to over-reaching, muddled and boring bureaucracy. In fact, they make Congress look expeditious.  One of the biggest flaws of the movement has been its reliance on arcane, anarchist/Marxist "General Assemblies".  Our founding fathers knew better than anyone even 200 some-odd years ago the perils inherent in such an exercise.  At General Assemblies "the people" come to discuss grievances within their communities, they take meeting minutes, discuss based on an agenda and ultimately ratify something at the end of the day.  This process is long, takes hours and sometimes conversations as simple as "Should we eject this guy he raped a girl last night" never end in a resolution.

What's the problem with that though?   Well not all animals are equal and neither are all occupiers so in order to reach consensus Occupy came up with a way around Lenin's 100% consensus model and changed it to 90% which is called "modified consensus".  That means that at any one time 10% of any assembly does not get what it wants.  They also introduced a means of dealing with minorities: blacks, asians, etc etc.  In a process called "progressive stack" people who are "historically marginalized" get to speak in advance of others who may actually have something to say that's relevant to the flow of the conversation.  So if the agenda item is "What should we eat tonight" and progressive stack is initiated someone who's Asian can just step up and drone on for ten minutes about his cat and you can't do shit about it.

So in closing?  Let's let the Occupiers talk for themselves...

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