Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Kremlin Today News

One Channel, under propaganda with bias and horse shit for all...

Anyone who reads my Twitter, talks to me in real life, on the phone or reads my blog knows I have an immense and impossible to hide hatred for Russia Today which I loathe and mockingly call "Kremlin Today".  Russia Today is largely funded by the Russian Federation - that is to say, the the Kremlin, the Duma and Vladimir Putin himself.

Typical "Experts" invited to talk on Russia Today

There are two purposes for Russia Today existing the first is of course to give all the unemployed hookers in Brighton beach somewhere to work until the American recession is over and the second is to give Putin a platform into America where he can say Arab things like "You western people!" and feel ok with himself.

The message of Russia Today is very very clear - Russia is the premier nation for human rights, ethical decisions, philosophy and the arts.  Who by the way has made Russia this bastion of free thought?  This "Matrix" if you will of awesome?  Why no one other than Vladimir Putin.  Oppose him?  You're just paid to say that and if not, you're an America sympathizer.

On December 15th 2011 Vladimir Putin decried ANY and ALL protest against his regime - I mean presidency as "manufactured by the west" see there's that Islamist word again "West".  After all no one could possibly hate Putin at all right?

Of course on March 16th 2012, Russia Today through it's affiliates runs a propaganda ...I mean documentary on the recent anti-Putin protests citing them as "almost all certainly paid" and "lacking the moral turpitude of true Russian people; perhaps they are paid by Westerners?"  Yes - it's all Snowball's fault he's the one who destroyed our well too!

But I hear what you're thinking - there's nothing wrong with Russia Today right?  They seem pretty fine, nice and at least the women are hot to look at right?  Let's see some examples of "hard hitting" journalism Russia Today has run...

Your mind blowing journalism won't stop blowing my mind!!

Are Americans misinformed about Socialism? Nope.

What "new" info could they POSSIBLY have found ?  They don't actually say btw ..
cops are ALWAYS abusing their power in America - that never happened in Russia 1918-1995 right?

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