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Forgiveness is divine but never pay full price for half-price anarchists

Haz-Mat cleaning up OccupyLA camp filled with human waste
On November 30th members of the Occupy Wall Street movement in Los Angeles paraded through Los Angeles leaving filth, some property destruction one injured police officer and dozens of Bank of America customers inconvenienced because Occupy shut their branch locations down through "civil" disobedience.  Over thirty arrests were made on that day for vandalism, property destruction, trespass, assaulting a police officer and resisting arrest.

The protesters were arrested, booked and charged by the Los Angeles police and were then expected to meet with the Los Angeles city District Attorney's office.  On December 30th 2011 Kate Linthicum wrote a Los Angeles Times piece on this incident where it was made clear, the protesters would attend a scared straight program and be mandatorily sentenced to classes on the United States Constitution specifically one on the first amendment.

In the article she cites Assistant City Attorney William W. Carter of saying: "[The Program] may include lectures by attorneys and retired judges, is being offered to people with no other criminal history and who were arrested on low-level misdemeanor offenses, such as failure to disperse." he also includes the factoid that the protesters will be forced to cough up a $355 fee to attend this punishment.

Of course, this was four months ago right?  Fast-forward to last week and this current week and the protesters through their National Lawyers Guild mouthpiece Carol Sobel are saying this:

This is what your tax dollars look like
This is an update on the status of the class offered in lieu of prosecution by the City Attorney. New letters will begin going out this week. The first group of letters is being sent to the UCLA students who were arrested prior to to the N30 arrests. The final arrangement with the City Attorney is a free 1-hour class. Parking will be provided for free as well downtown. 

This is in stark contrast to what Mr. Carter said originally to the Los Angeles Times but that's not all.  There's a lot more here on this.

The first class will be held on February 29 with Professor Laurie Levenson presenting a 1-hour session on the 1st Amendment. I spoke with Prof. Levenson last night. The presentation will be straightforward. Professor Levenson is doing this for free. There is no charge at all for this class. 

So the person who is going to be instructing you on how NOT to break the law again will be someone who you're friends with?  Oh okay that sounds natural right?

Professor Levenson is only doing one live session. The first class will be taped. After that, the City will send out notices with approximately 7 dates for coming to their office, watching the 1-hour video and being done with the matter. No criminal charges will be filed against anyone who is eligible for and completes the class. 

Break the law?  Shit on a cop car?  Destroy private and public property?  Yeah slap meet wrist ...

"99% my mother-fucking ass"
We expect that people will have some further questions. If enough people have the same question, we will send out a response. Please understand that some 300 people are getting these letters and it is just not ipossible for us to respond to 300 people individually on each query. The NLG continues to provide criminal representation to some on an individual basis for the arrests over the past several months. In addition, we continue to provide assistance to community groups organizing around a number of issues, including immigration, homelessness, housing and many other issues. 

So the LAPD arrested and processed over three hundred people for civil unrest/disorder and the punishment they get is what you read above?  Wow that's fucking comical.

Let's see what a member of #OccupyLA has to say about this!

From: Robness <>
To: Hope Wells <>
Cc: Clay Claiborne <>, Jason Rosencrantz <>, Scott Shuster <>,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, summerinthedesert@yahoo.comSubject: [occupyaja] Re: N17 Solidarity Circle Trial -- Report Back
Date: Sat, 10 Mar 2012 00:20:06 -0800 
I believe this year..............maybe the direction of occupy should halt the very enemy that stands in the way of progress. The mainstream media. All news buildings..........without remorse. They are the connection to the rest of the populace that zombily stares at the screen. Watching the tactics of the current election process(and it's evident corruption to perpetuate war) I believe that they are the most dangerous thing. Sorry I just had to vent. Bless you all.

That's cool.  Wait ...what?  Destroy the media and their buildings?  No remose?  Rob. are you fucking crazy?  Surely SOMEONE is going to talk this guy down right?

From: Craig Toennies <>
To: Robness <>
Cc: Hope Wells <>, Clay Claiborne <>, Jason Rosencrantz <>, Scott Shuster <>,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, summerinthedesert@yahoo.comSubject: [occupyaja] Re: N17 Solidarity Circle Trial -- Report Back
Date: Sat, 10 Mar 2012 01:28:14 -0800
Burbank -> Disney -> ABC
Just saying... like I said in September. ;)

- Craig

So what really was the problem here?  Why is it Occupy gets doled out a punishment then the City Attorney's office reneges on the deal and forces the tax payers to foot the bill for all the expenses?  Is William Carter sympathetic to the Occupy Movement?  Does it have anything to do with the fact that the woman who brokered this deal for Occupy Los Angeles is a twenty year veteran of the ACLU?

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