Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Kremlin Today News

One Channel, under propaganda with bias and horse shit for all...

Anyone who reads my Twitter, talks to me in real life, on the phone or reads my blog knows I have an immense and impossible to hide hatred for Russia Today which I loathe and mockingly call "Kremlin Today".  Russia Today is largely funded by the Russian Federation - that is to say, the the Kremlin, the Duma and Vladimir Putin himself.

Typical "Experts" invited to talk on Russia Today

There are two purposes for Russia Today existing the first is of course to give all the unemployed hookers in Brighton beach somewhere to work until the American recession is over and the second is to give Putin a platform into America where he can say Arab things like "You western people!" and feel ok with himself.

The message of Russia Today is very very clear - Russia is the premier nation for human rights, ethical decisions, philosophy and the arts.  Who by the way has made Russia this bastion of free thought?  This "Matrix" if you will of awesome?  Why no one other than Vladimir Putin.  Oppose him?  You're just paid to say that and if not, you're an America sympathizer.

On December 15th 2011 Vladimir Putin decried ANY and ALL protest against his regime - I mean presidency as "manufactured by the west" see there's that Islamist word again "West".  After all no one could possibly hate Putin at all right?

Of course on March 16th 2012, Russia Today through it's affiliates runs a propaganda ...I mean documentary on the recent anti-Putin protests citing them as "almost all certainly paid" and "lacking the moral turpitude of true Russian people; perhaps they are paid by Westerners?"  Yes - it's all Snowball's fault he's the one who destroyed our well too!

But I hear what you're thinking - there's nothing wrong with Russia Today right?  They seem pretty fine, nice and at least the women are hot to look at right?  Let's see some examples of "hard hitting" journalism Russia Today has run...

Your mind blowing journalism won't stop blowing my mind!!

Are Americans misinformed about Socialism? Nope.

What "new" info could they POSSIBLY have found ?  They don't actually say btw ..
cops are ALWAYS abusing their power in America - that never happened in Russia 1918-1995 right?

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Forgiveness is divine but never pay full price for half-price anarchists

Haz-Mat cleaning up OccupyLA camp filled with human waste
On November 30th members of the Occupy Wall Street movement in Los Angeles paraded through Los Angeles leaving filth, some property destruction one injured police officer and dozens of Bank of America customers inconvenienced because Occupy shut their branch locations down through "civil" disobedience.  Over thirty arrests were made on that day for vandalism, property destruction, trespass, assaulting a police officer and resisting arrest.

The protesters were arrested, booked and charged by the Los Angeles police and were then expected to meet with the Los Angeles city District Attorney's office.  On December 30th 2011 Kate Linthicum wrote a Los Angeles Times piece on this incident where it was made clear, the protesters would attend a scared straight program and be mandatorily sentenced to classes on the United States Constitution specifically one on the first amendment.

In the article she cites Assistant City Attorney William W. Carter of saying: "[The Program] may include lectures by attorneys and retired judges, is being offered to people with no other criminal history and who were arrested on low-level misdemeanor offenses, such as failure to disperse." he also includes the factoid that the protesters will be forced to cough up a $355 fee to attend this punishment.

Of course, this was four months ago right?  Fast-forward to last week and this current week and the protesters through their National Lawyers Guild mouthpiece Carol Sobel are saying this:

This is what your tax dollars look like
This is an update on the status of the class offered in lieu of prosecution by the City Attorney. New letters will begin going out this week. The first group of letters is being sent to the UCLA students who were arrested prior to to the N30 arrests. The final arrangement with the City Attorney is a free 1-hour class. Parking will be provided for free as well downtown. 

This is in stark contrast to what Mr. Carter said originally to the Los Angeles Times but that's not all.  There's a lot more here on this.

The first class will be held on February 29 with Professor Laurie Levenson presenting a 1-hour session on the 1st Amendment. I spoke with Prof. Levenson last night. The presentation will be straightforward. Professor Levenson is doing this for free. There is no charge at all for this class. 

So the person who is going to be instructing you on how NOT to break the law again will be someone who you're friends with?  Oh okay that sounds natural right?

Professor Levenson is only doing one live session. The first class will be taped. After that, the City will send out notices with approximately 7 dates for coming to their office, watching the 1-hour video and being done with the matter. No criminal charges will be filed against anyone who is eligible for and completes the class. 

Break the law?  Shit on a cop car?  Destroy private and public property?  Yeah slap meet wrist ...

"99% my mother-fucking ass"
We expect that people will have some further questions. If enough people have the same question, we will send out a response. Please understand that some 300 people are getting these letters and it is just not ipossible for us to respond to 300 people individually on each query. The NLG continues to provide criminal representation to some on an individual basis for the arrests over the past several months. In addition, we continue to provide assistance to community groups organizing around a number of issues, including immigration, homelessness, housing and many other issues. 

So the LAPD arrested and processed over three hundred people for civil unrest/disorder and the punishment they get is what you read above?  Wow that's fucking comical.

Let's see what a member of #OccupyLA has to say about this!

From: Robness <robnesscumba@gmail.com>
To: Hope Wells <pelinhope@gmail.com>
Cc: Clay Claiborne <clayclai@gmail.com>, Jason Rosencrantz <jasonrosencrantz@gmail.com>, Scott Shuster <scottshuster@msn.com>,occupyaja@lists.riseup.net, elkoleftist@gmail.com, lindsey.mysse@gmail.com, glittersore@gmail.com, ctoennies@gmail.com,golding.chase@gmail.com, karo.helena@gmail.com, arhoccupyla@gmail.com, ryanrizice@gmail.com, mwgrace@csu.fullerton.edu,ward.matt.a@gmail.com, alascano999@gmail.com, bren_contreras@yahoo.com, cjc@linuxbeach.net, simplyugly@gmail.com,ifoundapretzel68@aol.com, cervellajr@aol.com, artofexisting@gmail.com, rabiesforbabies@gmail.com, kevinseveneleven@yahoo.com,escalatepeace@yahoo.com, michgray@students.pitzer.edu, mildred.monterrosa@gmail.com, richslaton@gmail.com,sarahsarahmason@gmail.com, sabdelham@gmail.com, l.sthalia@yahoo.com, sgormick@digicoast.com, summerinthedesert@yahoo.comSubject: [occupyaja] Re: N17 Solidarity Circle Trial -- Report Back
Date: Sat, 10 Mar 2012 00:20:06 -0800 
I believe this year..............maybe the direction of occupy should halt the very enemy that stands in the way of progress. The mainstream media. All news buildings..........without remorse. They are the connection to the rest of the populace that zombily stares at the screen. Watching the tactics of the current election process(and it's evident corruption to perpetuate war) I believe that they are the most dangerous thing. Sorry I just had to vent. Bless you all.

That's cool.  Wait ...what?  Destroy the media and their buildings?  No remose?  Rob. are you fucking crazy?  Surely SOMEONE is going to talk this guy down right?

From: Craig Toennies <ctoennies@gmail.com>
To: Robness <robnesscumba@gmail.com>
Cc: Hope Wells <pelinhope@gmail.com>, Clay Claiborne <clayclai@gmail.com>, Jason Rosencrantz <jasonrosencrantz@gmail.com>, Scott Shuster <scottshuster@msn.com>, occupyaja@lists.riseup.net, elkoleftist@gmail.com, lindsey.mysse@gmail.com, glittersore@gmail.com,golding.chase@gmail.com, karo.helena@gmail.com, arhoccupyla@gmail.com, ryanrizice@gmail.com, mwgrace@csu.fullerton.edu,ward.matt.a@gmail.com, alascano999@gmail.com, bren_contreras@yahoo.com, cjc@linuxbeach.net, simplyugly@gmail.com,ifoundapretzel68@aol.com, cervellajr@aol.com, artofexisting@gmail.com, rabiesforbabies@gmail.com, kevinseveneleven@yahoo.com,escalatepeace@yahoo.com, michgray@students.pitzer.edu, mildred.monterrosa@gmail.com, richslaton@gmail.com,sarahsarahmason@gmail.com, sabdelham@gmail.com, l.sthalia@yahoo.com, sgormick@digicoast.com, summerinthedesert@yahoo.comSubject: [occupyaja] Re: N17 Solidarity Circle Trial -- Report Back
Date: Sat, 10 Mar 2012 01:28:14 -0800
Burbank -> Disney -> ABC
Just saying... like I said in September. ;)

- Craig

So what really was the problem here?  Why is it Occupy gets doled out a punishment then the City Attorney's office reneges on the deal and forces the tax payers to foot the bill for all the expenses?  Is William Carter sympathetic to the Occupy Movement?  Does it have anything to do with the fact that the woman who brokered this deal for Occupy Los Angeles is a twenty year veteran of the ACLU?

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Some protesters are more equal, but aren't they always?

It's truer than you think...

George Orwell penned these words above in 1945 for his "Animal Farm" which depicts animals revolting against the shackles of their owners.  The ensuing dictatorship, thought-reform and barbarism dealt to the other animals by the ruling class of animal "The Pigs".  What was Orwell trying to say with this simple 136 pg novel on animals, Communism, the fall of intellectualism, thought-reform, and Joseph Stalin and how does it apply to Occupy Wall Street?

You see, Orwell, regardless of whether you agree with his political opinions or not, was not a proponent of the cold authoritarian style dictatorship of Joseph Stalin.  Orwell recognized traits in the formation of Stalin's rule and in the maintenance and upkeep of it.  Orwell saw that in order for Stalin to succeed and to continue to succeed he needed a various set of propaganda tools.

  • Dependence on the state for every aspect of life.
  • Singing, dancing and other silly assorted physical and non-thought provoking activities.
  • Violent and public removal of traitors, enemies of state and intellectuals.
  • Constant reenforcement that the goal of the state/group is to better everything through posters, songs, chants, songs and other imagery.
  • The Whole of the group/movement/state is more important than the individual, if your rights are violated to benefit thousands of people then that's perfectly ok because your sacrifice is noble and helps the group.  In Occupy and in Stalinist Russia, the individual is meaningless.
  • Marching, Marching, Marching.
  • Repetition of principles, values, laws and motives for the state and whatever it's doing.  Constant repetition of prohibits a person from thinking critically about what's being said instead their attention is paid to repetition.
So how does this all apply to Occupy Wall Street?

  • There were multiple rapes at the hands of Occupiers or people who preyed on them.   Instead of contacting law enforcement, in some cases, Occupiers were allegedly told their reports could damage the movement.  Women who are sexually abused are victimized mentally and physically then a second time mentally with the knowledge their pain will damage the collective (the needs of the many outweigh of the needs of the few).
  • Occupy Wall Street sought to bring together the impoverished, the hungry, the disillusioned and the jobless into one place.  Once gathered they relied on the group for food, shelter and security.  This creates a cult thinking because as Orwell noticed, depending on the state or "Movement" causes your judgement to skew.
  • Occupy Wall Street defines itself through its arrogant self-guaranteed title of "Representing the 99% of Americans who are out of work".  So, #OWS represents 99% of 320,000,000 Americans?
  • Occupy is miraculously self-entitled, on March 5th, 2012 a handful of them invaded the Capitol Building of the state of California solemnly proclaiming "We are the 99% and we need free or accessible education!"  Again a fanatical claim made by a small amount of people related to a much larger, more complex issue.

     Occupy Wall Street is no stranger to over-reaching, muddled and boring bureaucracy. In fact, they make Congress look expeditious.  One of the biggest flaws of the movement has been its reliance on arcane, anarchist/Marxist "General Assemblies".  Our founding fathers knew better than anyone even 200 some-odd years ago the perils inherent in such an exercise.  At General Assemblies "the people" come to discuss grievances within their communities, they take meeting minutes, discuss based on an agenda and ultimately ratify something at the end of the day.  This process is long, takes hours and sometimes conversations as simple as "Should we eject this guy he raped a girl last night" never end in a resolution.

What's the problem with that though?   Well not all animals are equal and neither are all occupiers so in order to reach consensus Occupy came up with a way around Lenin's 100% consensus model and changed it to 90% which is called "modified consensus".  That means that at any one time 10% of any assembly does not get what it wants.  They also introduced a means of dealing with minorities: blacks, asians, etc etc.  In a process called "progressive stack" people who are "historically marginalized" get to speak in advance of others who may actually have something to say that's relevant to the flow of the conversation.  So if the agenda item is "What should we eat tonight" and progressive stack is initiated someone who's Asian can just step up and drone on for ten minutes about his cat and you can't do shit about it.

So in closing?  Let's let the Occupiers talk for themselves...

Monday, March 5, 2012

#OccuipyAIPAC or how I learned to blame Jews for EVERYTHING

(there is some satire in this article, mostly because I think the claims made by #OccupyAIPAC are baseless, racist, anti-semitic and disgusting.  Please do NOT be offended by them; they're meant only to illustrate how insane these fantasies are that leftists/Palestinian sympathizers are).

Today Occupy Wall Street, CodePink and some lesser known less obvious useful idiots and Communists gathered at various locations around Washington D.C and marched, goose stepped and made terrible jokes about the Jewish people and their country; which by the way is a real country unlike Palestine.

So let's see what these guardians of free speech, these heroes of K-street decided to do to protest, to argue for basic human rights and dignity for a people they claim are repressed and the targets of apartheid (a fancy word they heard on Doctor Who no doubt).

If any Jews are reading this, please send me some money - Obama stole mine :(

This ones for kids!

Yup, Jewish useful idiots they DO exist!  SooperMexican owes me $10

Jews are such liars about their dead children; look how many of ours died too!

Now I know what you're thinking - this was a conference on Jews so that means there's gotta be intellectuals here somewhere saying crazy nazi garbage right?  Oh good you think like me!  In comes Chris Hedges with this speech I'll sum it up for you if you don't want to read all of it:

The battle for justice in the Middle East is our battle. It is part of the vast, global battle against the 1 percent (Da Jews!).
And let us not forget that deep inside our secret world of offshore penal colonies, black sites, and torture and interrogation centers, we practice the cruelty and barbarity that always accompanies unchecked imperial power. 
We are the biggest problem in the Middle East. It is we who legitimize the Mahmoud Ahmadinejads, suicide bombers and radical jihadists. The longer we drop iron fragmentation bombs and seize Muslim land, the longer we kill with impunity, the more these monsters, reflections of our own distorted image, will proliferate. (God America sucks so much, good thing I Chris Hedges am so fucking smart; oh wait the microphone is still on? Son of a bit...)

I'm not going to say that everyone outside of the AIPAC conference today was an anti-semite and I'm not even going to go my traditional route and condemn the entire #OWS movement as that either.  What I will say though is that Anti-Semitism and bigotry are slippery slopes and once you begin down that slide it's hard to get off of it.  I'd encourage people involved to taper their approach and be careful of imagery that appears even the least anti-semitic.  As they say in NYC "If you see something, say something!"

That's NOT the way we're remembering it Peg!

A week ago, members of the Occupy Oakland Media team posted a warning for their comrades that discussed how a member of the "Oakland Commune" named Jamie Omar Yassin might actually be someone on a DHS list named Salah Abdul Karim Yassine.  How did they disover this?  Google of course!  Clearly, they are the best!  However after about a week of debating it as is customary in General Assemblies, they [The GA] voted to dissolve the entire media team and delete the posting from the website.

Look Ma Imma Occupier!

What is NOT discussed by Oakland Commune members is that the entire five man media team decided unanimously this guy looks a hell of a lot like a real live terrorist that they issued the release on the site.  

Surely the GA will solve this because clearly, they're the best!  Here is the statement that Occupy Oakland issued at General Assembly:
1. Last Saturday, an offensive, irresponsible and dangerous article titled “Occupational Awareness” was posted on the OO Media web site. Occupy Oakland denounces the article. The article contains personal attacks on an individual in Occupy Oakland that are untrue and unsubstantiated, and that are extremely dangerous to him and to the movement.
Oh fuck ...they made it worse!  How does Occupy Oakland know it's not true?  Five people were stupid enough to REALLY believe this farce?  Surely the Oakland Commune in it's infinite wisdom has evidence that he's not?  Right?  Bueller?  Oh well, while we're herping and derping at the EXACT same time let's see what Oakland's solution is shall we?  Oh my yes, PURGES!!
3. All resources from the OO Media committee will be shut down and/or control handed over to the new committee. This includes all email lists and Facebook discussion groups, OO Media phone number, the OO Media Twitter account and the OO Media web site at hellaoccupyoakland.org. The new Media committee will work with the web committee and others to resurrect the articles from the OO Media web site and make them available in some form, excluding the “Occupational Awareness“ article and the “Clarification” article which furthered the accusations.
Well since we're electing a new media team they need access to the same tools as the old one did right?  Wrong!  Bureaucracy will now solve the issue...
4. The new Media committee will only be responsible for responding to outside media inquiries tomedia@occupyoakoand.org and helping other committees send out press releases and setup press conferences. The Media committee will no longer have an official public web site, Twitter, or public Facebook separate from the official Occupy Oakland versions of these. Nobody who is currently in the Media committee will be allowed to be a member of the new committee for the time being. Members of the media committee will adhere to the resolutions of the General Assembly.

So in summation what have we learned here?

  1. All animals are equal, but some are more equal than others.
  2. The old boss is the same as the new boss.
  3. Oakland does NO research just reacts because it fears terrorist claims will bring in DHS the guys they're truly worried about. 
  4. Five people have been purged visa vi Stalin